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About Us

We provide global integrated logistics services that are directly tailored to your needs. We combine our strengths in sea and road with the best warehousing capabilities and distribution network to maximize client’s productivity and keep the cost to a minimum.

We have been very insightful in understanding the requirement of strong alliances across the globe and we have been successful in establishing a very strong network around the world. Incorporated with a vision of leading freight management and logistics service provider in the region with a global presence of network Partners.

With vast experience in the logistics industry, we offer just the requirements of the international market. We are well-tuned to identify the customer needs and provide solutions that are timely and effective ensuring customer satisfaction. Multimodal experts assist customers in getting the best in whatever terms they require say cost-effective or time-bound deliveries or forwarding services.

Our Culture

At Pan Eurasian, we are serious about our responsibility to act with integrity and give back. It is the right thing to do & good for our business. A culture of acting responsibly benefits the communities where we work, contributes toward a cleaner planet, adds to the sense of pride and collective spirit among our employees, and strengthens our relationship with customers and shareholders.


Our Contribution

Protect our people

A health and safety conscious workplace are a critical priority for Agility. It is the first item on the agenda for every management board meeting. We’ve set a global Target Zero to achieve a zero-incident work environment for all of our facilities. When it comes to the health and well-being of our people, no other target makes sense.

Build greener supply chain

We are making our fast, reliable, low-cost supply chains low-carbon and low-waste too. Within our own operations and beyond, we are partnering with customers, suppliers and innovators to pioneer the sustainable supply chains of the future.

Accelerate sustainable development through trade

The scale and reach of our business make us uniquely positioned to leverage the power of global trade to improve the lives of our diverse stakeholders, including our customers, our employees and the communities in which we work.